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Expressions of Tradition: Hans J Wegner

Expressions of Tradition: Hans J Wegner

A master of sophistication and refined craftsmanship, Hans J Wegner revolutionised the design world with his clean, simple, but progressive sculptural works that balance traditional and innovative influences.

Renowned as a key figure in the mid-century modern design movement, Wegner is celebrated for his ability to merge functionality with beautiful aesthetics, creating furniture that transcends seasonal thinking and serves as a testament to his artistic expression.

Each Wegner design is meticulously considered and forms an edit of signature pieces created with quality materials and artisanal techniques.

Born in Tønder in 1914, Wegner was the son of a shoemaker. From a young age, he exhibited a passion for woodworking, its characteristics, and the art of joinery. This interest formed a foundation for his early career and played a crucial part in honing his skills as a cabinetmaker apprentice under the tutelage of the Master of Craftsmen H.F. Stahlberg at the age of fourteen.

By the 1940s, Wegner had composed a portfolio of classic design pieces, such as the "Wishbone Chair" and the "Round Chair," showcasing his skill to reimagine vintage-inspired forms with a contemporary approach.

This work transcended the boundaries of his native Denmark, gaining international acclaim and becoming synonymous with Danish modern design. In 1960, the Round Chair, also known as the "Kennedy Chair," earned its nickname after being featured in the first televised debate between presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

The chair's distinctive seat, supported by elegant tapered legs, a rounded backrest, clean lines and smooth curves, reflected Wegner's lifelong pursuit to create the perfect wood chair and would inspire a generation of designers in modern times.

Our "Wegner chair" and "Kennedy chair" echo this same philosophy and pay homage to the legendary designer through our commitment to achieving the highest quality and durability in both pieces.

Each element of the chairs, from the choice of wood to the precision of the joinery and the generosity of colour in the cushion, reflects Wegner's unwavering dedication to the art of furniture-making and complements any dining table.